Dr. Jay Gordon Vs Michael Savage on Larry King Live tonight!


Kick his ass, man!

Massachusetts Autism Services in Jeopardy!

Please take a moment to read this and HELP!  This is why so many families are in debt trying to give their children the intensive services that their MEDICAL CONDITION REQUIRES!!!

This makes me SO ANGRY!  These babies need CARE!  Just give it to them!

Dear Massachusetts Autism Advocate:

With the stamp of his veto this past week, Governor Deval Patrick has once again told low-income children with Autism Spectrum Disorders that they would not be able to receive the intensive home-based services (including ABA and Floor Time) provided under the Autism Waiver program.  Governor Patrick cut $1 million in funding from this critical program, even though our children are already underserved by this program!  During the initial eleven day enrollment period in November 2007 the families of more than 1,100 Massachusetts children with ASD applied for just 80 slots available under the Waiver.   Hundreds of low-income children continue to languish on the waiting list! 

It is time speak on behalf of low-income children with ASD living in Massachusetts!

Our state legislature recognized the critical need for funding of this program and budgeted $4 million for Fiscal Year 2009.  This would double the number of available slots in the program to 160!!  

Governor Patrick needs to be aware that this already underserved population simply cannot afford to be shortchanged againEvery child with autism deserves the opportunity to have appropriate intensive intervention.  Their future quality of life depends on it.

How Can YOU Help?

1. Immediately CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND STATE SENATOR at 617-722-2000 and urge them to support an override of Governor Patrick’s veto of $1 million in funding for the Children’s Autism Medicaid Waiver (Line Item 5920-3010). If you are not sure who your representative and senator are you can find out at www.wheredoIvotema.com.

2. CALL Speaker of the House Salvatore DiMasi at 617-722-2500 and Senate President Therese Murray at 617-722- 1500 and ask them to support an override of Governor Patrick’s veto of $1 million in funding for the Children’s Autism Medicaid Waiver (Line Item 5920-3010).

3. Forward this email to everyone you know and ask them to MAKE THE CALL too!!

The override CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED, but we all have to get on the phones to our legislators immediately.  Today is the day that you can truly make a difference for a child with ASD.

Radio Host Michael Savage Says Autistic Kids Aren’t Sick…”Just Brats”

This is even better than Amanda Peet’s “parasite”  reference!!  Seriously, I am still amazed every day at the ignorance that exists in our society.


Now, let’s have some fun slandering!!!

It’s Mama Time

My kids just crawled past me on the living room floor…

RONAN:  I’m swimming like a narwhal!

LOUDON:  I’m swimming like a manatee!

Then they ran past me.

RONAN:  I’m running like a camel!

LOUDON:  I’m running like a giraffe!

They jumped around me.

RONAN:  I’m jumping like a wallaby!

LOUDON:  I’m jumping like the Easter Bunny!

Sigh…they are getting so big…they don’t want to play with me anymore :  (



Mama’s going to the gym!!Mama’s making cookies!!!Mama’s going on a date!!!Mama’s listening to adult music!!! Mama’s cutting her tonails, and then painting them, AND letting them dry without small toes smudging them!!!Mama’s having MAMA TIME!!!!  MAMA TIME!!!  MAMA TIME!!! (sing it with me now!)  MAMAAAAAAA TIIIMMMMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vintage RoJa

Look at the EYES!! YUM!

He’s Truly the yummiest. Look at the Character art!


The Loudon of the Day

No Words Necessary.  Well, just those ones- and these.

Best day ever

Another round of “I Like and I Don’t Like” turned into “What Makes Me Happy?  What Makes Me Sad?”

Ronan:  French fries make me happy.

Mom:   Ice cream makes me happy.

Ronan:  Loud sounds make me sad.

Mom:  Kids with no food make me sad.


Ronan:  Loving Mom makes me happy.

Mom:….can’t say anything, because she is crying too hard.

Can I be the fluke worm?

This century’s most brilliant actress, Amanda Peet, refers to parents who don’t vaccinate their children as “parasites”.

Let me detach myself from my host so I can post you the insightful link…ah, okay, here it is…


Hmm.  Sometimes, I do have a rather large, blood-thirsty-looking yap.


This is brilliant

Vaccination Liberation Challenge…


Dammit!  If I didn’t already know how badly I react to vaccines, I’d drink the damn thing! 

Mama needs the dough.

Ooh, I know!  Let’s get Amanda Peet to drink it – then we can donate the proceeds to autism.