Us Quacks are gaining quackability!

Where are the honest studies?

Were there kids on the spectrum when we were growing up?  Sure.  Were there kids with Down’s Syndrome?  Absolutely.  ADHD?  Yup.  Could you go into every school and find a classroom of children speaking in echolalia and drawing with their fingers in the air?  No.  Definite NO.

WAKE UP!  We are not paranoid nuts. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist or a “Political Radical” to come to this conclusion…

DO something!  I know I am.





This is brilliant

Vaccination Liberation Challenge…

Dammit!  If I didn’t already know how badly I react to vaccines, I’d drink the damn thing! 

Mama needs the dough.

Ooh, I know!  Let’s get Amanda Peet to drink it – then we can donate the proceeds to autism.

Yeah, what she said!

Busy Day for the CDC…bwaahhaaahhaahahaha!,,20204466,00.html

Thanks Bobby :-)

Loves me some RFK!

Here he is with an article he wrote about the vaccine industry.

Also, check out his website –

And here he is in a wetsuit…just because Mami likey.


Anyone going to the Green Our Vaccines march in DC on the fourth?  I wish I could go, but Ro’s Dad is going out of town. 

Anyway, it’s starting to catch on…I am less of a quack mother every day now!  Yay!

Interesting Reading, Interesting Guy

Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha-WTF??!! Part II

Subject: Head of CDC Admits Vaccines Cause Autism?

Brought to you by AutismLink

Julie Gerberding Admits on CNN that Vaccines can Trigger Autism
This weekend Julie Gerberding, the head of the CDC, appeared on Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s show, House Call, and explained that vaccines can trigger autism in a vulnerable subset of children. This is the claim that parents like me have been making since at least the 80’s, and have been dismissed and even mocked for making it.

But no one in the main stream media seems to have noticed. Not even CNN. Not even Dr. Gupta who was sitting right in front of her.


Green Our Vaccines

With the green movement so popular, I thought this article from Generation Rescue hit the mark.

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