10 Things You Can do to Help a Family Affected by Autism

LOVE #6!  Ro definitely needs that!



Myautismteam.com. Mami likey!

I LOVE this site!  Immediately go to myautismteam.com and sign up.  Then begin receiving support and share resources with others touched by ASD!  I have so far shared stories and advice, gotten great advice and read amazing stories that I could relate to, and I’ve set up a team for others to reference and be assured by!  Amazing concept all in one place of which I have been searching for for years.  Go.  Now.  Benefit.  Help.

Show your support for Autism!

If you are in the Boston area in March, please check out this great opportunity to give…


There will be blood.

We have to get some drawn tomorrow, per Ronan’s GI doc.  He is awesome and famous in the aut world, but I HATE making Ro do it.  Any suggestions for making it easier?