Every time I think I am going through a ridiculously rough period in life, I have to break out the big guns.  Tonight, my friends, I will be reading this for the umpteenth time…

Read it and weep only when you are having a REALLY bad night.  You’ll be reminded of what crappy life circumstances truly are.

And then, maybe you will slap yo’self in the face, like Mama do, for all your poor-me whining.


Ro loves this game, and I love playing it with him!  SO amazing to hear what is flying around in that fantastic brain!

Ro:  Mom, what do you like best about yourself?

Mama:  Do you mean how I look or how I am?

Ro:  How you are.

Mama:  I like that I can love a lot.  What do you like best about yourself Ro?

Ro:  I like that I’m nice…and I like my hair.

LOL!!! I’m so in love with him.

I never imagined that we would see the day when Ro was asking and answering such abstract questions.  It’s enough to make a Mama cry like a whiny Caillou!!!



I’m pretty sure I have another post entitled, “The Best Day Ever”, but I am blessed with so many of them…what the hell – another Best Day Ever!!!!

We have been witnessing more “brain explosion” here lately. This is how I like to refer to Ronan’s super-learning periods, in which he acquires a huge amount of comprehension in a short span of time.

He’s always advanced like this. I remember two straight years of fervently testing various methods of teaching him how to use the computer mouse (something he desperately wanted to do) and really having no success at all.

Then, one best day, I looked over at him at the computer table. There he was pointing and clicking like he had been doing it as a career his entire life.

It clicked.

And with Ronan, sometimes you can try to help for years, and with every method you can think of, read or learn about, but still…when it clicks, it clicks.

Sometimes, it’s a certain word that turns the click to his understanding, and sometimes it’s just time. Whatever the reason, when a skill that you have been trying so hard to get him to comprehend clicks, it’s just the best day ever.

And not because I want him to be more “normal” or “typical”, but because I know he gets such relief and joy from being able to express his thoughts and feelings to others.

How do I know this?

Well, this is what made the best day ever!

Recently, Ro has been passionate about the Universe. Planets, stars, galaxies, moons…all of it. Did you know about the moon called Callisto? Well, Ro will tell you 10 details about it in 10 seconds!

Anyway, being such an artiste, he decided that he wanted to draw pictures of planets, then scan them, and THEN iron them onto t-shirts for himself and The Loudon to wear. Needless to say, they are awesome, as are all of his creations.

We did a Jupiter shirt for him last week. He was so in love with it, he could barely contain himself – this is something I love so much about Ronan. It’s just so fun to watch him in his excitement over something that others might find so insignificant.


Mom: I love it, Ro!!! You did a great job drawing it!

Ronan: (pausing…wheels visibly turning) MOM!!!!!! (quietly incredulous and sighing with relief)…I can TALK to you now, Mom. I can tell you about my feelings. I can tell you how I love Jupiter so much!!!!

Mom: …she isn’t speaking, because she’s crying.

I’m so glad that makes you so happy, Ronan James.


The Loudon of the Day

Mama and Lowie enjoyed “Grandparent’s Tea” at his school last week!

He said, “Mom, I look goooood!”

He is delicious!!!

But my zombie hands…not so much.

The Loudon of the Day

We are being silly.  I don’t know if it’s a full moon, or if it’s just this crappy Boston weather, but goofiness is at an all time extreme…

Loudon is spinning around and around, and I am telling him that he will fall if he doesn’t stop.

Loudon:  No, Mom.  I won’t fall!  I’m just being silly!  I’m careful!

Mama:  Low, you are going to fall…

Lowie:  I won’t!……………..

He does a half-spin, and then he takes a header directly into the mesh toy bin next to him.  I mean HUGE, big clumsy fall.  Limbs flying everywhere, confused expression on his face.

This is awful, but I will admit it anyway…Mama laughed so DANG HARD, and so long, and I couldn’t catch my breath!!!  I am serious!!  It was a half-hour long chuckle-fest that I couldn’t control!!  Awful Mama!

Lowie watched this for its entirety, and then he spoke…

Lowie:  Mom!

Mama:  (hysterically laughing)  Whhhaaaatttttttt?????  LOLOLOL

Lowie:  You are going to break your laugh box.

Hmm.  Me thinks we are watching too much SpongeBob!