Boobs and War

There is waaaayyyy too much testosterone in my house.  I’m sorry for stereo-typing, but in this case…well, judge for yourself.
After a 24 hour torturous ban from the computer (for smacking at poor Mrs. C), Ro got his privileges back.  He celebrated!  This is the image that greeted me on the desktop when I finally got my turn.


Hmm, at least he has good taste!  And thankfully, the search filter was on, because God only knows what word he typed to look for images.  He’s gonna be a boob guy.
Anyway, she’s cute and all, but I’m into guys, so I changed my desktop back to the original setting…


Ahhh, Viggo shirtless, that’s better!
With his second turn, he left me with a much less appealing backdrop…


Umm, can you say HORRIFIC?!  This is not my Viggo! This is a still from a game that we used to have on the hard drive.  Needless to say, it was not my game.  After Ronan stumbled into it one day, I laid the smack down on Daddy, and he erased it from our system.  Ronan, being Ronan, of course doesn’t forget anything, and just looked it up on Google Search, where he saved this lovely still.
Thankfully, he doesn’t really know what he is looking at, because he’s never really seen anything other than Noggin on TV.  The game’s called Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and the words are what’s appealing to him.
With a title like that -Castles, Wolves – Ronan’s in!  Incredible that even with the filter on, a pic like this can still be accessed!  You have to seriously watch your kids while they play on the computer, man!
And I need a girl’s night out with all of these hormones flying around here!



Mama has to work tonight!  On CHRISTMAS NIGHT!  An overnight shift!  Say it ain’t so! 

I played Santa until 2 am this morning.  The babies are happy and playing with all of their toys.  Now, Mama has to LEAVE!  Grrrrr.  Sacrilege!


Coconut and Kombucha

If you know me, you know I NEVER shut up about these two wonder supplements.  I used these to combat thrush/yeast in Ronan and I during our nursing years (yes, years, shut up).  It was the only thing that worked. 

Now, I use them for colds, flu, stomach bugs, cuts/scrapes – anything, really!

When I win the lottery (which will be tonight, because the Mega Millions is at about a quadrillion dollar jackpot – and it’s mine) I am going to buy a Whole Foods and re-name it RO FOODS.  It will be mine, all mine! 

Other people are addicted to drugs or alcohol.  I am addicted to Whole Foods, and basically, just food in general.   

Anyway, interesting study…

(NaturalNews) An encouraging new study shows that coconut oil can offer pneumonia patients a faster and more complete recovery. The results of the study were presented in Philadelphia at a meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians on October 29, 2008 by Gilda Sapphire Erguiza, M.D. of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center and Daniel Rauch, M.D. of the New York University Langone Medical Center.

The study analyzed the results of adding in a regimen of coconut oil for 40 children whose ages ranged from 3 months to 5 years old. All of the children had been diagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia, a lung infection obtained outside of a hospital setting. The children were all treated with the typical antibiotic ampicillin.

Half of the children were also given a dose of coconut oil based on their weight. The oil was administered for three consecutive days. Children who received doses of coconut oil recovered much faster than those who did not. On average, the children who took coconut oil had a normal respiratory rate after less than 33 hours. The other children’s rate normalized after about 48 hours. The children who received coconut oil showed reduced fevers, clear breathing and normal blood oxygenation faster than the control group.

In practice, these results can lead to a reduced hospital stay, which means lower medical expenses for patients and hospitals, as well as less exposure for the patient to a hospital environment. Coconut oil itself in an inexpensive addition to traditional antibiotics, and brings with it no known side effects.

While these findings are indeed interesting, especially to those who are seeking natural methods of healing common illnesses, they are not quite definitive. The study was done on a small scale and only to children, so certain variables have not been tested. However, the study shows a lot of promise. Pneumonia is a serious childhood illness. In developing countries, it is a leading cause of mortality in children. Coconut oil may be especially helpful for children living in these countries.

So, what is coconut oil’s secret? Researchers are still looking for that answer, but the current hypothesis points to lauric acid, an antimicrobial substance found in coconut oil. This may naturally boost the body’s immune system and the effectiveness of the antibiotics administered for treatment.

The study certainly encourages parents to consider this treatment for pneumonia, but Dr. Rauch did point out it could be dangerous to try to force a child to take the oil if they don’t want it. If the child choked on the oil, it could be aspirated in the lungs. This could cause serious problems. Of course, this can be avoided by easily mixing the oil with food





Two of Mama’s favorites together as one!

AFAM (Advocates for Autism of Massachusetts) are a great source of support for children and adults on the spectrum.   In their own words, they  “advocate vigorously for resources not only in the legislature but throughout state government.”

Here’s an event that Mama like!  If you are in the Boston area this weekend, check it out…

Autism support and a nice red wine, all in one!!!!!  This makes Mama happy!


Where are the honest studies?

Were there kids on the spectrum when we were growing up?  Sure.  Were there kids with Down’s Syndrome?  Absolutely.  ADHD?  Yup.  Could you go into every school and find a classroom of children speaking in echolalia and drawing with their fingers in the air?  No.  Definite NO.

WAKE UP!  We are not paranoid nuts. It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist or a “Political Radical” to come to this conclusion…

DO something!  I know I am.





I like to love you

We were laying in Ro’s bed last night, having our snuggle time.  This is the best time to practice conversational skills with him.  There are no disctractions, and it’s dark, so he doesn’t have to worry about all of that eye contact business.

MOM:   (trying to push at the abstracts of characteristics) What do you like best about yourself, Ro?

RONAN:  What?

He’s confused.  I throw him a hint.

MOM:   Well, I will tell you what I like best about you.  I love how kind you are.  You always share, and you really care about people.  That’s what I like best about you.

RONAN:  (long pause – I’m thinking he doesn’t really grasp what I am talking about)  Mom, I like to love you.


Umm, can I be ANY more grateful for this beautiful child?  Whenever I have a PMS day again, or I am down in the dumps about something, I’ll have to come back to this post and re-read it, and then bitch-slap myself for complaining about anything ever again!

The Delicious Ro!


Fake smile or not, he is always gorgeous!! 

The best part, he squished the envelope with his school pics to the bottom of his backpack today, under his library book, lunchbox, etc.  The 8X10 is ruined, and I was contemplating a retake, but then I decided that this is typical Ro.  Must keep. 

The Tasty Loudon of the Day


Is this not the most precious drama face, ever??!!!!!!!!