A brand new blog by the boy himself, Mr. Ronan James!!!

He was so excited by writing on my blog, that I had to set him up with his own!  He’s written two posts already!  All his own words, all his own typing and art (except for some help by Mom in the comments!).

So, if you have kids on the spectrum, maybe you both can relate to his unique thoughts and ideas : )

One Sad Word by Ronan James

Mama is setting up Ronan James with his own blog.  He is hijacking all the posts!  lol   Here’s his latest request on what to blog about…


 im sad about my recorder


Why does it make you sad, Ro?


because it blows really loud.


Could I love him any more!!

Five Happy Things – by Ronan James

I play outside


I like to be a plumber.



I like to play with toys



I like to do tools


I  like to go vacuum



I think I just lost my blog to Ro!  lol