Ro and Lowie at Jordan’s Furniture – one of their favorite places ever!  I wish it wasn’t so blurry, but still too cute.


Barnacles, giant rocks, tide pools and huge spans of sand…what more is needed for some fun times?!  Maybe some food, drink and a change of clothes – we had that too.  A great day.

And man, their butts slept that night!


New England has some incredible hiking to be discovered.  Hiking has always been Mama’s all-time favorite outdoor activity, and now I can enjoy it with my boys!!  They LOVE it!

It’s SO amazing to have them be at an age now where they can climb mountains and follow trails with me!!  I think this is my favorite time in parenting them so far.

They are crazy good at scaling rock faces and sliding down crevasses too! LOL   You can’t hike a flat trail with them – must be steep inclines and rough terrain!

And they even hold onto a beanie baby while they climb!!!

My boys are cool…

Ro and Lowie hike the Fells.

The Loudon of the Day

How tasty is this boy?!  I would marry him if I could, but he’s already told me that would be impossible because we are “already family.”

Sigh…that really bums me out.

Also, does The Loudon look exactly like Jon Lester or what?

The Boys of the Day.

This pic isn’t the best quality, but I love how real it is.  Lowie is biting his nails, and Ro is relaxed and just watching.  These are the simple moments that make me pause……..

I’m a lucky Mama.


Is this not the most precious EVER???!!!

The Loudon of the Day

Mama and Lowie enjoyed “Grandparent’s Tea” at his school last week!

He said, “Mom, I look goooood!”

He is delicious!!!

But my zombie hands…not so much.

The Loudon of the Day

We have been playing “I love you more” lately – a lot.

Loudon:  Mom, I love you more than 100.

Mom:  I love you more than 1,000!

Loudon:  I love you more than that!

Mom:  I love you infinity!

Loudon:  MOM!!!!!!!  STOP IT!!!!

Mom:  (surprised, because he usually loves this)  Stop it?  Why?

Loudon:  (spent)  I’m tired of this love game.

Well, if that doesn’t sum up male/female communication, then I don’t know what does!

Shameless Hallmark Moment

We went to a Patriot’s Day celebration today, complete with a fantastic parade, delicious food vendors, balloons – the whole works. 

The boys were having a blast, and then we saw this HUGE flag…must take picture.

Of course, Mama forgets her camera, so we only have the phone to snap a memory.  Not the best quality.


Well, of course the first thing I do is lament the fact that the boys aren’t looking at the camera.  Then, I have to self-deprecate, because it’s just fun. 

Mama looks bald.  Mama looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll.  Can I ever not look like I am going to a funeral? 

Then…I see my hands.  They are resting over both of my boys’ hearts. 

For some reason, this really touches me.  They are so small and vulnerable now, but I am always going to be there. 

With my hands over their hearts.

Even if Mama really do look like a damn Cabbage Patch Doll.

Boston Rocks!

We went to the Public Gardens and The Common yesterday to visit Auntie Snackie and Scientist Carl…

Could it be any MORE gorgeous and fantastic this side of the Charles at Springtime?

Here’s Ro and Lowie enjoying a rest on a bench in the Gardens…


Don’t they look like they are on a soon-to-be imploding date??…

Lowie, who looks exactly like my trampy Puerto Rican father, is checking out some fine young chicks, and Ro, who’s his Dad’s serious clone, is SO OVER that shiz.

Anyshiz, they had a blast, and Mama did too!!!  Thanks Aunts and Uncs!!

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