Yeah, what she said!


I often wonder if Ronan will be able to express his feelings to us the way we are all used to communicating. 

This is a game that Ronan loves to play.  We take turns saying what we like and don’t like.  Two days ago, while playing it, we had the following exchange  –

MOM:     I like a sunny day.  I don’t like a rainy day.

RONAN:  I like playing.  I don’t like meeting people.

PAUSE (I am in a little bit of shock here)

You don’t Ro?  Well, how do you feel when you meet people?

I feel sick.

Do you mean scared?

No.  I mean shy.


And another tiny crack scars my heart. 

I feel you Ro. 

I don’t like meeting people either.

But I really like talking to you.

Hey! Visit Mama’s Shop!

Just got it up, so I only have a few things in it, but will be adding more when I stop ralphing.



The boys have stopped ralphing, thank the Lord, so I was so relaxed last night.  After two weeks of worrying and seeing them suffer, they were playing together like normal.  It was fabulous!  We had to celebrate!  Pizza and wine for Mom and Dad on a Saturday night!  Yum!

The Loudon got tired early, and he wanted me to snuggle him in bed, so we got under the covers with smiles on our faces.  Ronan’s Dad tucked Ro in.  What a nice night!

About two hours later, I awoke to a sound.  It was a vaguely familiar sound, but I was half-asleep, so I was still confused.  The sound again – like a rumbling.  One of the kids? No. Thunder? No.  Neighbors?  No. 

OH!  I know! My vomit and diarrhea getting ready to explode simultaneously!  Yes!  NO!  YES.

It was a good thing that I had the puke bucket brigade (clean ones) still lying around, because I have no idea what I would have done.

And after four years, just like that, my Seinfeld no puking streak was broken. 

I can finally speak this morning without vomiting.  The kids have been great, entertaining themselves, because, of course, their Dad had to work today.  Not fun making breakfast for kids when you are about to blow chunks.

It really brought me back to the days when I last got sick, while I was pregnant with Lowie.  I would lay on the cold tile floor of my sister’s house while I was trying to cook for Ronan.  My niece would come home from school and just step over me to get a snack, “Feel any better today, Auntie?”  


The boys keep asking me today, “Feel any better yet, Mom?”


R to the Ro does ACEO

A SLICE OF AUTISM – ACEO PRINT- by Ronan James – 6 year-old artist AUTISM SUPPORT

A SLICE OF AUTISM - ACEO PRINT- by Ronan James - 6 year-old artist AUTISM SUPPORT
 Find it and buy it at…


Added on Jun 1, 2008

Busy Day for the CDC…bwaahhaaahhaahahaha!,,20204466,00.html

Modern McCarthyism, only this time it’s for reals! We ain’t quacks!

As I sit here listening to Ronan playing his piano, tunes by ear, his savantism in full swing, I wonder what he would have been like if we had known.  Had there been immune testing available, had we kept a safer shot schedule, had there been green vaccines – what kind of Ronan would we have here sitting next to me at his favorite place to be – his music seat. 

And all I think about, all I wonder is, how much anxiety, fear and pain could my child have been spared.  Everyone has their problems, challenges and hard lessons to learn.  But if my baby could have even one day where he didn’t work so hard at asking me for something, if he didn’t have so much anxiety over stopping at the train tracks or hearing a loud noise or tasting something mushy.  If he didn’t get sick so much and have to work SO HARD at reversing his pronouns in the proper order, EVERY DAY, over and over and over – if he could converse with a friend, or even make a friend, if he could have had a life with just a little less of a struggle – and I know every kid is different, and all kids have their own things that they struggle with, but I’m sorry, this is AUTISM, THIS IS DIFFERENT.  This is my child with pain that might have been eased. 

And I think, autism or whatever, no matter what, he would still be Ronan, we would love him as much either way- and he was always destined to have a love affair with his music, albeit, maybe he would have been a little more at ease with life. 

Here’s footage from the rally in D.C. that made me bawl…

Another Piper Is Down!

9:00 pm.  The Vominator.  Returns. 

The Ro. Still. Not. Better.  (but at least he held food down yesterday).

Their father.  Still. Out of town.

Their mother.

Stay tuned for updates, so to speak.



Skeletal Ro

Look at the sick eyes!!!  My poor baby!!


Or Maybe This is Why

Is this not the yummiest bald boy you have ever seen!??

Seriously, I couldn’t be more obsessed with my own baby…LOOK AT HIM!!! lol

Actually, he looks exactly like my Puerto Rican father, only not idiotic and insane in personality.

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