The Loudon of the Day

How tasty is this boy?!  I would marry him if I could, but he’s already told me that would be impossible because we are “already family.”

Sigh…that really bums me out.

Also, does The Loudon look exactly like Jon Lester or what?


Is this not the most precious EVER???!!!

The Loudon of the Day

Mama and Lowie enjoyed “Grandparent’s Tea” at his school last week!

He said, “Mom, I look goooood!”

He is delicious!!!

But my zombie hands…not so much.

The Loudon of the Day

We have been playing “I love you more” lately – a lot.

Loudon:  Mom, I love you more than 100.

Mom:  I love you more than 1,000!

Loudon:  I love you more than that!

Mom:  I love you infinity!

Loudon:  MOM!!!!!!!  STOP IT!!!!

Mom:  (surprised, because he usually loves this)  Stop it?  Why?

Loudon:  (spent)  I’m tired of this love game.

Well, if that doesn’t sum up male/female communication, then I don’t know what does!

The Loudon of the Day

We are snuggling in a patch of sun on Ronan’s bed together.  Lowie is resting his head on my stomach and gazing lovingly into my eyes…I am the luckiest Mama on earth!!

Lowie: (confused expression on face) Mom.  Why is your belly like a hill?

Mama: (at first confused, then resigned)  Hmm, a hill, Low?

Lowie:  Yup,  a hill…(lifting his head off of my hill to get a closer look at my face…disgust is his expression)  MOM!!!  WHAT is IN your nose????  Is that HAIR???!!!!

Oh, man, I feel so young and hot today!  Thanks Lowie.  lol

The Loudon of the Day

We are being silly.  I don’t know if it’s a full moon, or if it’s just this crappy Boston weather, but goofiness is at an all time extreme…

Loudon is spinning around and around, and I am telling him that he will fall if he doesn’t stop.

Loudon:  No, Mom.  I won’t fall!  I’m just being silly!  I’m careful!

Mama:  Low, you are going to fall…

Lowie:  I won’t!……………..

He does a half-spin, and then he takes a header directly into the mesh toy bin next to him.  I mean HUGE, big clumsy fall.  Limbs flying everywhere, confused expression on his face.

This is awful, but I will admit it anyway…Mama laughed so DANG HARD, and so long, and I couldn’t catch my breath!!!  I am serious!!  It was a half-hour long chuckle-fest that I couldn’t control!!  Awful Mama!

Lowie watched this for its entirety, and then he spoke…

Lowie:  Mom!

Mama:  (hysterically laughing)  Whhhaaaatttttttt?????  LOLOLOL

Lowie:  You are going to break your laugh box.

Hmm.  Me thinks we are watching too much SpongeBob!


The Loudon of the Day

We are watching SpongeBob, and it’s an episode where the usual is happening – someone is hitting someone with something.

Loudon is laughing hysterically, and then he bonks Mama on the nose, Patrick Star style.

Hmm.  Mama doesn’t like this.

Mama:  Lowie!  SpongeBob is a cartoon.  It’s pretend.  We are real people, and we don’t hit each other! 

Lowie:  (thinking…)  Mom, I want to be SpongeBob…so I can HIT SOMEBODY!!!!!

This diablito is going to give Mama a run for her money…


The Loudon of the Day

While discussing the subject “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Ronan:   I want to be an astronaut, so that I can go up in the stars and see Uncle Shawn (Ro’s Uncle that died in a car accident when he was a teenager).  Awww.

Mom:   Lowie, what do you want to be?

Loudon:  Mom.  I want to be a lady.  I don’t want to be a man when I grow up.  I just want to be a lady.

Damn!  Just when I thought I would be able to keep all of my makeup, clothing and jewelry to myself because I didn’t have any daughters!!!!  LOL


The Loudon of the Day

Loudon:  Mom, I’m emerging from my bee-hive!  Shhh!  You’ll disturb the Queen!  She needs her SLEEP!



Mom thought –   Hmm.  Maybe my overnights, which require me getting some morning sleep, have had a slight impression on the Lowie. 

The Loudon of the Day

I am getting ready for New Years.  I actually shower and do my hair and make-up.

The Loudon:   Mom?  What’s wrong with your lips?

Mom:  What do you mean, Lowie?

The Loudon:  They’re all red!!  Are they hot??!!

Mom:  What??!!!  No, Lowie, that’s just my red lipstick! 

The Loudon:  Well, don’t kiss me with that yucky stuff!  I don’t want to get burned!


Witness The Loudon checking out the chicks on the first day of Pre-school.  Somehow, I don’t think he’ll mind red lipstick in 10 years or so.

The best…Ronan’s response…

Mom:  Ro.  What’s different about Mom today?

Ronan:  (glancing over at me for a split second)   Lips.  Hair. 


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