It’s Mama Time

My kids just crawled past me on the living room floor…

RONAN:  I’m swimming like a narwhal!

LOUDON:  I’m swimming like a manatee!

Then they ran past me.

RONAN:  I’m running like a camel!

LOUDON:  I’m running like a giraffe!

They jumped around me.

RONAN:  I’m jumping like a wallaby!

LOUDON:  I’m jumping like the Easter Bunny!

Sigh…they are getting so big…they don’t want to play with me anymore :  (



Mama’s going to the gym!!Mama’s making cookies!!!Mama’s going on a date!!!Mama’s listening to adult music!!! Mama’s cutting her tonails, and then painting them, AND letting them dry without small toes smudging them!!!Mama’s having MAMA TIME!!!!  MAMA TIME!!!  MAMA TIME!!! (sing it with me now!)  MAMAAAAAAA TIIIMMMMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!