The Loudon of the Day

No Words Necessary.  Well, just those ones- and these.

Best day ever

Another round of “I Like and I Don’t Like” turned into “What Makes Me Happy?  What Makes Me Sad?”

Ronan:  French fries make me happy.

Mom:   Ice cream makes me happy.

Ronan:  Loud sounds make me sad.

Mom:  Kids with no food make me sad.


Ronan:  Loving Mom makes me happy.

Mom:….can’t say anything, because she is crying too hard.

Can I be the fluke worm?

This century’s most brilliant actress, Amanda Peet, refers to parents who don’t vaccinate their children as “parasites”.

Let me detach myself from my host so I can post you the insightful link…ah, okay, here it is…

Hmm.  Sometimes, I do have a rather large, blood-thirsty-looking yap.


This is brilliant

Vaccination Liberation Challenge…

Dammit!  If I didn’t already know how badly I react to vaccines, I’d drink the damn thing! 

Mama needs the dough.

Ooh, I know!  Let’s get Amanda Peet to drink it – then we can donate the proceeds to autism.