Very good idea from the Pepsi Refresh campaign…Mami likey!


A brand new blog by the boy himself, Mr. Ronan James!!!

He was so excited by writing on my blog, that I had to set him up with his own!  He’s written two posts already!  All his own words, all his own typing and art (except for some help by Mom in the comments!).

So, if you have kids on the spectrum, maybe you both can relate to his unique thoughts and ideas : )

Two of Mama’s favorites together as one!

AFAM (Advocates for Autism of Massachusetts) are a great source of support for children and adults on the spectrum.   In their own words, they  “advocate vigorously for resources not only in the legislature but throughout state government.”

Here’s an event that Mama like!  If you are in the Boston area this weekend, check it out…

Autism support and a nice red wine, all in one!!!!!  This makes Mama happy!


Links to Our Girls!

Check out these links.  Beautiful work and beautiful ladies who create it!