The Loudon of the Day

How tasty is this boy?!  I would marry him if I could, but he’s already told me that would be impossible because we are “already family.”

Sigh…that really bums me out.

Also, does The Loudon look exactly like Jon Lester or what?

Autism. It’s Not For Wimps!

At first, I was wondered if this should be offensive to anyone.  Some hate when living with autism is referred to as being a “burden.”  I don’t much like to think of autism that way either, but the more I threw this around, the more it made me think of how wonderfully brave and unique Ronan is.

Then, I cracked up at it!

It’s true.

Autism.  It’s totally not for wimps!


I sent this to Scientist Carl tonight.  I always imagine what I would do if there were a pill that literally reversed the effects of autism.  What effects would they reverse?  Would Ro still be Ro afterward?  Should a parent wait until the child is older and try to explain to him/her first?

I know that Ro is considered “high-functioning”  Whatever that is.  I’m not big on labels for my kids.  Anyway, I know there would be all sorts of opinions, because everyone has a different circumstance, and you can only know how one feels when you have the exact same situation.  I just know that I would have a hard time deciding this/not deciding this for Ro.

Is it something he should choose for himself?  Or should I, as a mother, choose it for his best interest – like you make sure that your child gets the right nutrition, health care or education?

Will he grow up and hate me for making him take that pill that changed the way he sees, thinks or feels?  Or will he grow up and say, “Oh, thank Mother of Pearl you gave me that drug!  Now, I don’t have to panic for two hours because the oven timer is counting down!”

This issue still boggles my brain.

How can I know what will make him the most happy?  I guess every parent questions that on a daily basis for some reason or another, no?

Anyway, here’s the link for a study out of George Washington University that suggests that a potential drug could someday reverse the effects of ASD.


Obsession with water can lead to some cool things!  Pro surfer Clay Marzo is profiled in the link below.

Jacques is cool too.


In Florida!  Where else? !!

How cool is this!  Ride for Autism Awareness in Jacksonville on May 1st!

Mami loves!


Around last year’s holiday season, Mama hit an all-time poundage record for herself. I’ve always been really lucky to have inherited both of my parents’ insanely super metabolism, so this came as a Mama-slap to her face.

I was fat. There’s no other way to say it…except muy gorda…yes, that too.

Anyway, I’ve blogged about this before.  A lot.  But it’s food, and Mami likey!!!

So anyway, last summer, I lost 23 pounds! Whoo hoooooo!!!

I’ll tell you how I did it. It was SO easy! I was able to eat whatever I wanted, and I never exercised!!!!!!

No, not really.

I exercised 5 days a week, and I ate the caveman diet.

For those of you who don’t know what the caveman diet is…let me fill you in.

When Ronan was a baby, he ralphed like a spigot after every meal. Despite that, he was 30 lbs. at 10 months. Come to find out, he had reflux, so he kept wanting to eat, eat, eat and nurse, nurse, nurse, to soothe his upset tummy.

When we found out that he was so sensitive to food, we met with a Pediatric GI who recommended an exclusion diet. Hmm. Mama’s family is Italian and Puerto Rican, and we LOVE all food. Exclusion!? Wha-wha-wha-WHAT?

No gluten, casein, soy, nuts, or sugar. Oy. What’s left?

Lean meat. Some fish. Eggs with caution. Fruit. Veggies.

We dubbed it “The Caveman Diet”.

It has since been given a fancy name…The Paleolithic Diet, or Paleo Diet…um, it’s CAVEMAN DIET!

Anyway, after 3 weeks on the caveman diet with Ro, I lost about 25 pounds! Sweet!

So, I tried it again last summer. After a month, I lost 23 lbs!!!

Sadly, during the holidays, I gained back about 15 lbs.  Yeah.

Time for the caveman diet again.  And exercise – never my favorite, but I love how I feel when I’m done.

I try to walk/run 3 miles 3-5 times a week, and sometimes I do Pilates, Yoga or lift some little weights, but mostly it’s about not eating Dunkin Donuts and then having 2 servings of Carvel ice cream cake with Papa Gino’s pizza every day (hey – you know you’ve done this too!).

And it’s the caveman diet.

Hopefully, by July I will be able to fit into my cute clothes for my niece’s wedding in Malibu.  I hung my skinny jeans on the wall for inspiration.

No, this is not me, but she looks sort of like my mother, so I put that in to scare me into laying off Ma’s fudge.  It’s working – a little bit.

The Boys of the Day.

This pic isn’t the best quality, but I love how real it is.  Lowie is biting his nails, and Ro is relaxed and just watching.  These are the simple moments that make me pause……..

I’m a lucky Mama.

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