**REPOST** Just because I cannot believe how big my Ro is now.  Wah.

How delicious was the baby Ro?!!!!

Ronan’s BLAH Rules! Guest-Blogging… RO!

This post is a request by Ro, and I quote, “Mom, can you write my BLAH rules on WordPress?”  LOL

Okay, Ro, here’s your rules (he’s helping me make them up and type them!)

1.     Ronan Can Say BLAH in his bedroom.

2.     When Ronan is done saying BLAH, he can come out into the living room.

3.     At school, Ronan needs to listen to the directions.  When he says BLAH too much, he might not hear Mrs. C. or Mrs. S give directions.

4.     Lowie is afraid of BLAH.  Ronan loves Lowie, and he doesn’t want him to be scared.

5.     When Ronan is saying BLAH too much, that means he can find something else to do.  He can ask Mom for help finding something to play, or he can find something all by himself!


Hope that helps, Ro! 

Now, he wants to type…


I can do giant anteater dance on the globe. 

I do light switches in home dont do it at school.

 thwacking is like a man in a roller coaster.

Mom does the phone when we talk in numbers on there.

I can fly on an airplane.

I can play clothes in closets.

I play computer when you go home or school.


Ronan said, “See!  I typed things that I am happy about!” 

And “thwacking”  = a helicopter! lol  He hates saying the word helicopter, because he got scared of one that flew too low at the Halloween parade.

And, um, Maybe Mama talks on the phone too much?!  LOL


My Sensory Seeking Lad!


Admit it, bitches!  You all wish you could wear an electronic helmet while bouncing on a giant blue ball and eating Rice Crispies.  You know you do.


And you also wish that you could climb up onto the huge mountain of dirty clothes in your Mom’s laundry closet wearing nothing but your tighty whities.  Yes you do.

Vintage RoJa

Look at the EYES!! YUM!

And Now…

Still Delicious!






Before he avoided eye contact

Ronan loved people and faces so much.  Look at him demanding that teddy’s attention! 

Crap, just noticed his Dad half naked in the background.  He’s not gonna love everyone seeing his Austin Powers chest hair.  Oh well.  

“That ain’t no woman! It’s a man, baby!”

wtf is wrong with me?  seriously.

He was not small

I am going through some old pics tonight, and I found this vintage Ro at 4 months. 

Hmm.   Reminds me of…

But Mama still held him all day anyway!  It takes a meaty Mama to tote that sack around all day with one arm – luckily for him, Mama’s not small either  :  )

Oscar The Grouch is Goddamn Funny

At least, we think so.


This picture fills me with melancholy for the days when I, the anti-social big sister, used to bully my little brother into staying inside on hot summer days to play Castlevania or Burger Time on Nintendo for HOURS on end! 

Must get to end of game!  Keep playing!  Must get to end!

JAY!  Call us, JAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We miss you!

Let’s play the Wii !!!!  I’ll lash you until you become the Guitar Hero Master of all time!!


The Masturbation song

I have no idea why, but for some reason, Ronan finds it absolutely necessary to pull his pants down and fidget with his widget any time this song plays on Noggin.  We let him do it from his bedroom piano-playing chair – he can still look out at the TV while the song plays, but we don’t have to watch him manipulating his privates.  lol

In my personal opinion, Moose A. Moose does not look especially sexy in his night cap.  I much prefer him in the Candy Cane video that they aired around Christmas where he was sporting these ultra-hot pjs.

 Click on the Moose surrounded by the trillion candy canes.

Hmm. Thoughts.


I be the yummiest

I found all the Easter eggs.  My cousins hid 90 of them for me.  We love them all, and they are the sweetest! –the cousins, we mean…well, the eggs too…they did have gourmet jelly beans inside.  A yom, yom, yom, yom, yom, yom, yom, yom, yom….errrrttttt, aaaaahhhh.

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