Giant Dances

Ro’s teacher is working on expanding his conversational skills. She suggested that we write down a little something that he did over the weekend, and then send it in on Monday for her to use as a topic. 

He has a journal at school, in which he produces some amazing writing/drawing – thank you Mrs. C. for working on that with him, because he loves it so much.

We thought, hey, why not a home journal to bring in on Mondays!  So, off to Target for Ro to pick out a new weekend journal.  I suggested that he write about the playground that we went to on Saturday.  Ro, being Ro, had other inspiration. Here’s his first entry…

The text reads, “I did my giant 91 dance.  It’s a song on the piano.  It makes me feel happy.”  For those few of you who don’t know, the giant dances are very popular in the house of Ro.  He has a keyboard that has all of those programmed instrumental versions of classic songs – like the ever popular “Livin’ La Vida Loca”  and Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”.  They are all numbered, hence the 91.  Not sure why they are “giant” dances, but he has a great time running around the house “dancing” to his giant numbered songs.  I really have to figure out how to upload video here, so I can post them – we laugh until we need Depends.

What is especially unique about his entry – the pig nose on Ro’s self representation, along with the Captain Hook hand.  What goes on in that mind?  lol I can’t wait to hear the explanations from the future Ronan.

Here’s some other great stuff Mrs. C. and Ro’s speech therapist are working on with him.  The “WH” questions.  He typed these on the computer himself!

And while I’m feeling prolific today, here’s some character art – ocean animals.  How awesome is this kid?  I aspire to be the artist he is already at 6 years old.

He is selling like crazy on his site too, and I have to re-list like crazy tonight!

Okay, off to find an Orca costume now.  Which is thankfully a much easier costume to create than the “swimming pool” from last year.  lol

I’m posting something about food addiction later…sigh, my only vice.

R to the Ro does ACEO

A SLICE OF AUTISM – ACEO PRINT- by Ronan James – 6 year-old artist AUTISM SUPPORT

A SLICE OF AUTISM - ACEO PRINT- by Ronan James - 6 year-old artist AUTISM SUPPORT
 Find it and buy it at…


Added on Jun 1, 2008

Ummm, Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Breastfed for THAT Long.

Now, I don’t knock extended nursing.  I did it until my kids could ask for it in full sentences with a please at the end.  But…

Example #1 –

Sweet ABC school paper by Ronan James


Now, that’s fabulous.  Especially all of the great spelling for a 5 year old kid.

Example #2 –

Hmm, read the title of the post again.


Letter U has an interesting picture for itself, mmm, hmm!!! 

P.S. What 5 year old knows how to spell “udder” or even knows what one is?

This is what happens when you nurse until your kids are ridiculously old….sigh…