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The Loudon of the Day


Mmm, hmm!

“low functioning means they ignore your assets, high functioning means they ignore your liabilities.”

-quote from an adult on the spectrum

The Loudon of the Day


Just your reminder of the day not to mess with The Loudon.

Look at his face, he’s like pissed Chihuahua plotting to rip off an appendage.  Don’t mess.

Gratefully, We Have Terrific Services

We just got back from Ronan’s parent-teacher conference, and YAY!

The first thing his special ed teacher said to me was, “I have to tell you what he was doing at recess!  He was playing with a tennis ball with all of the kids today – back and forth throwing, chasing and talking.  It was fantastic.  I wish you could have seen him!”

I wish I could have seen him too!!!

So special to hear little things like this. I never thought I would get so excited by news that my five year old was playing ball with another child.

Basically, he is really improving in his ability to tolerate transitions and rules in school.  He is hardly screaming when he gets frustrated at all anymore in his integrated K class.

His academics we don’t have to worry about – he’s got that Einstein syndrome going for him  : )


So, really excited by that!!!  YAY!!!

Of course, he does still have his challenges.  He will still walk around the playground by himself at recess sometimes, and it’s hard for him to sit in Library – and the language is coming, slowly, but still improving all the time.

He is finally showing understanding of the concept of “why”.  This is so huge!  I am getting glimpses of his thoughts now that I wasn’t ever sure I would get to see! 

Autism is a journey I never expected.  But it’s changed me completely, and I am a much better person now. 

Thanks Ronan James!

And many thanks to the staff at his adorable school, too!


Parent Teacher Conference Today!

We’re meeting with Ronan’s Special Ed. teacher today, along with his teacher in his integrated Kindergarten class.

We’ll update you when we get back!

Seriously? Where Are the Services for This Kid?!

MOBILE, Ala. — Billy Bass shakes the hands of dozens of people who’ve turned out to support his 12-year-old son…a boy being booked into the Strickland Youth Center after an alleged run in with his teacher at Causey Middle School. “A 12-year-old autistic child charged with felony for grabbing a teacher’s arm,” said Billy Bass.

Parents and caregivers for special education students say instead of helping kids with disabilities stay in class with their peers – schools are turning to youth detention centers. “We feel like child shouldn’t be criminalized or made a criminal in [this] situation,” added Candy Knickerbocker, a parent of a special needs child.

Parents say their beef isn’t with the juvenile justice system – but the school system for sending a 12-year-old autistic child to Strickland. They say putting him through the court system isn’t the answer.

“Why are you using the court system to help an autistic child with discipline problem?” questioned Bass.

The Bass’ say they know their child isn’t perfect – they also know he isn’t like every other child either. They say he was diagnosed with a form of hi-functioning autism – that means he has very limited social skills – and needs one-on-one assistance during the school day…something his parents say he isn’t getting and that can trigger a rage cycle like the one involving the teacher.

What does the school system have to say? Spokesperson – Nancy Pierce says under federal law she isn’t allowed to comment on a particular case. The 12-year-old boy has a court hearing set for Tuesday morning at Strickland – his parents say he is facing felony harassment and assault charges.

Ummm, Maybe I Shouldn’t Have Breastfed for THAT Long.

Now, I don’t knock extended nursing.  I did it until my kids could ask for it in full sentences with a please at the end.  But…

Example #1 –

Sweet ABC school paper by Ronan James


Now, that’s fabulous.  Especially all of the great spelling for a 5 year old kid.

Example #2 –

Hmm, read the title of the post again.


Letter U has an interesting picture for itself, mmm, hmm!!! 

P.S. What 5 year old knows how to spell “udder” or even knows what one is?

This is what happens when you nurse until your kids are ridiculously old….sigh…

Ron Paul on Vaccines


Here’s the thing.  I am not against vaccines.  I think that lives are saved by immunizing against certain diseases.  

But one size doesn’t always fit all.  You get judged when you don’t vaccinate your child, and everyone who doesn’t have a child with autism has an opinion on the vaccine/autism debate – usually it’s not a supportive opinion to withholding vax.

I explained it like this to my step-dad yesterday.  He said, “But why do some kids never get a vaccine, and then they wind up with autism too?”

Think of cancer.  Some never smoke, but they get lung cancer.  Some smoke for 75 years and die with a butt in their mouth at the age of 95. 

But we all know that the chemicals in butts cause cancer. 

Cancer comes when a body is neglected, exposed to toxins, or sometimes, it’s just genetic susceptibility.

Whatever the reasons, there are certain things we have outlined as healthy, safe, cancer fighting, etc.  And we try to live that way – well, most of us anyway ; )

My point is, I don’t think vaccines are a sole cause of autism, but with 1 in 150 children diagnosed with ASD (and that is just the children who are diagnosed – some sources believe the real # to be more like 1 in 60) their safety and efficacy for “all children” needs urgent, reliable independent study – unrelated to the CDC.  To admit to having a part in unleashing an epidemic would cost billions.

It’s all about the Benjamins, people.

Okay, off my soapbox for today.  More Ronan James and The Loudon silliness later!

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