A friend of mine posted this link to my Facebook wall…well, actually, she is the LITTLE GIRL that I used to nanny, except that she is now 22!!!!

Ouch, that hurts Mama.

To sum up, Aspies are pissed that their label is being considered (by whoever writes the diagnostic manual of mental illness) as no longer a separate diagnosis.

Instead, they want to use an umbrella diagnosis of “Autism Spectrum Disorder”  and lump them in with all of the “Autistics.”

Mama says, why the hell do they have still have autism considered a mental illness diagnosis when it’s a neurological condition?

Also, again, I don’t care if they call it the “Mama Don’t Play That” disorder.  Just make my insurance pay for therapy.

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The Loudon of the Day

We have been playing “I love you more” lately – a lot.

Loudon:  Mom, I love you more than 100.

Mom:  I love you more than 1,000!

Loudon:  I love you more than that!

Mom:  I love you infinity!

Loudon:  MOM!!!!!!!  STOP IT!!!!

Mom:  (surprised, because he usually loves this)  Stop it?  Why?

Loudon:  (spent)  I’m tired of this love game.

Well, if that doesn’t sum up male/female communication, then I don’t know what does!


Mama had to kick that other blog to the curb and come back to her natural home here at WordPress.

I thought it would be better there…I really did…I tried!

But in the words of baby Chel, “Me no like it.”

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