Tantrums are one of the harder aspects to deal with when it comes to most spectrum kids.  At least in this Mama’s opinion.

You can read, research, practice, etc., etc., but when a big one really hits (literally – hee hee), it can be very hard to access all of what you’ve learned – much like the processing of our kiddos!

After a particularly rough tantrum recently, Mama had tried all of the usuals, and they weren’t working.  I had an idea!  I love when that happens!  When you are just at the end of your rope with nowhere to go – poof, out of sky this remarkable idea falls.  This makes Mami very happy.

Anyway, have you ever seen a gorilla nest?  I know more about them than I need to, thanks to my little animal-loving friend    🙂

Gorillas build a nest in the trees, and then they retire to it about a 1/2 hour before the sun sets.  It looks so comforting, relaxing and enveloping – ooh, very beneficial for someone who is spiraling out of control!  lol

I stopped in the middle of my “breathe” “drink water” “sit with me and calm down” routine, and I just DUMPED a butt load of beanie babies onto my thrashing boy!

He stopped and looked at me curiously, like “what the hell is this lunatic doing to me?”  Then…he smiled.

I got the big quilt.  I threw that on top of him, and then I dumped another bucket of the beanies.  Next, I surrounded him with about 20 pillows, and then I packed on more weight with another bucket of the babies.

“I’m making you a gorilla nest,”  I declared.

“A calm down nest,”  he said, finally relaxed and satisfied.

He climbed out to give me a kiss, and then he buried himself back in.  He poked his head out and stared at me in relief for a minute.

I got it, and he was so grateful.

Nothing else in life compares to that feeling.


Very good idea from the Pepsi Refresh campaign…Mami likey!


Amanda Baggs can really make a Mama think…


Just click on the Watch on Youtube link.  I hate when youtube does that.  Mami no likey!  But here’s another awesome kid…


No, this has absolutely nothing to do with autism – but I seriously need to be on A & E’s Intervention…for damn vampire addiction!!!!

I swore that I wouldn’t get into that whole Twilight phenomenon!  And there I am, eyes bugging out when Jacob takes his shirt off!   The boy is barely legal in real life!  That’s not right.

Now, here comes Alan Ball with True Blood for HBO.  Sigh…I loved Six Feet Under, and now I cry waiting for Sunday and my weekly fix of more frikken vampires!!!!

I hate TV!  I will admit to being addicted to the computer, but the TV held no grip over me, until this blood-sucking show was talked about too much on Facebook.  I blame Facebook!!!

Anyway…Bill is boring, but Eric is HOT!  That sums it up for Mama.

And Lafayette is so damn hysterical, I rewind his funny scenes about 10,000 times.

HA HA HA!!!!

And YUM.

Autism Group Calls for More Studies on Restrictive Diets

Our Pediatric GI is quoted in this article (Dr. Timothy Buie).  I can’t help but cringe about how archaic the thoughts of treating autism are right now…

Reminds me of how my brother and I used to type 20-page-long programs into the really old computers, line by excruciating line, just to get a blip to float across the screen for a minute or two.  It’s one of those things where you go, “WHAT were we thinking?!”

Someday, hopefully soon, we are going to say that about autism.

Click on the link below…


A short clip of Daniel Tammet’s ridiculous genius abilities.  Reminds me of a little someone I know 😉


This dude seems interesting.  I really want to read his book.  It’s a different look on autism from a spiritual angle.  I’m not so much interested in organized religion, but spirituality is always something intriguing.  Click the link below to see if you likey…

And doesn’t Bill have some seriously sculpted brows?  Dang, he has my eyebrow game totally beaten.

Someday, Pee Pee May Spare a Mama from Fighting with EI Over Service Eligibility!

Umm, I love Nathan so much!

WOW!  Awesome kid!  Love it!