Scientists Identify Potential Biomarker to Help Diagnose Autism

Hmm, is this the same test we did years ago through the “quack” lab?  I have to go look that up…

What a Group of Amazing Women!


When stimmies boil over, throw the chirruns on the yoga ball!!!!  Make them bounce their butts all over the house until they ask you for deodorant because they “STIIIINNNNNNKKKKK SOOOO BAAADDDD!!!”  (Ro quote).

Seriously, the yoga ball bounce does something for Ro that nothing else can…calms him in no time.  Get one at Target for around $15, and it comes with a fancy hand pump that has you mimicking a repetitive motion that kept me giggling for about 10 minutes, and I got a biceps/triceps workout in!  Sweet!


He Don’t Look Like Anything’s “Wrong” With Him!

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This is an actual quote from a mother we ran into at a playground a few years ago. Ro grabbed her daughter’s sleeve to try to get her attention in order to ask her a question. The mom didn’t like this. I tried to explain autism and why he did what he did to her daughter, to which she replied with the above quote.

This always leaves me pondering…Does having a “normal” appearance affect our children negatively when it comes to understanding or acceptance of their behavior?

I often face this, because my child looks so “normal” and so, very often, others mistake his behavior as bratty, spoiled, fresh, etc., and I think it’s tough sometimes to not have an outward clue as to why my over-100-lb 9-year-old “beautiful” son is thrashing on the floor of Sports Authority after not being able to get yet another Beanie Baby. I can’t make him wear an autism awareness shirt 24/7, so what is the best way to deal with this besides saying I don’t care what others think (believe me, I don’t really care much now after almost 10 years of this) Curious as to what you all think though. Mami likey!

I LOVE this site!  Immediately go to and sign up.  Then begin receiving support and share resources with others touched by ASD!  I have so far shared stories and advice, gotten great advice and read amazing stories that I could relate to, and I’ve set up a team for others to reference and be assured by!  Amazing concept all in one place of which I have been searching for for years.  Go.  Now.  Benefit.  Help.

LOVE this Short Docu on ASD and Education!!!

Three boys with various forms of ASD are profiled in the short docu below.  My fave is Joe, the middle son:  “I’m like a cat.  I never stop moving!”  These kids are amazing, and their Mom is fabulous!

It just goes to show how individual each child’s needs are in a classroom – also, how difficult of a job it is to teach each child appropriately.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have the right support in the classroom, and sadly, most times teachers don’t have what they need 😦