Video: Temple Grandin, The World Needs All Kinds of Minds | Autism Support Network


Video: Temple Grandin, the world needs all kinds of minds | Autism Support Network.


This really shocks the crap out of me.

Behavioral and Disorder. Two Words that Don’t Belong with Autism.

Mama does not like the words “behaivoral” or “disorder.”  It’s time to smack those negative associations down when referring to autism.  Smack them down!!!  lol

You would be surprised at how many people still think of autism as a behavioral disorder, a mental illness or even refer to autism using the “R” word – which Mama hates SO much, that I won’t even reproduce it in reference for you – you can figure it out, I’m sure.  I tell people this all the time, and they are always surprised – Autism is a NEUROLOGICAL condition.   Yes.

Snackie and I were having a long discussion while watching the Oscars the other night (which I thought were really good this year, but that’s for another post) and we were griping about how even the words “Autism Spectrum Disorder” have such negative connotation to them.  We need to come up with another way to talk about this!

I’m not saying autism is a walk in the park for anyone touched by it, but the way some view the words associated with the labels, the depreciating way that someone with autism is sometimes viewed – well, Mama doesn’t like that!  I’m sure other individuals with autism don’t love it either.

First, we need to throw “disorder” out.  Does this mean that any pain suffered by those with autism or their families should be discounted?  No, but we don’t say Cancer Disorder, do we.  The person who has the cancer is not defective, it’s the cancer itself that is causing the pain.

Then, even the word autism is looked at in a negative light.  Like Mama said, so many people have no idea what autism really is, and they just assume that this means a child with a behavioral problem, or that the child is that stupid “R” word.  They assume that they are intellectually “less than.”  And Mama doesn’t like that reference for anyone, regardless of whatever “label” that individual has been “crowned with” from our society.

We ended up enjoying “Spectrum Processing.”  We thought it was important for the individual with autism to be able to categorize their challenges for themselves, but by doing so in a way that wouldn’t depreciate them.

Scientist Carl thinks that we should add another word to make it an even three-letter acronym, like HBP or ESP, because it’s easier for people to reference that way.

Mama has to think more about that one.  Hmm.

Click the link below for a good site to dispel some autism myths…

Six New Autism Insurance Reform Bills Introduced

Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mississippi, Utah and Washington have kicked off their 2009 legislative sessions with the introduction of autism insurance reform bills, joining New Jersey, Michigan and Virginia, which currently have active bills making their way through their respective state legislatures. All nine bills are supported and endorsed by Autism Speaks, and require private insurance companies to provide coverage of medically necessary, evidence-based autism therapies, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Each bill has been referred to a committee and is awaiting a hearing. For more information and to take action on these bills, click the following links: Kansas — “Kate’s Law (Senate Bill 12); Massachusetts — House Bill 0067_001; Missouri — Senate Bill 167; Mississippi — House Bill 720; Utah — “Clay’s Law” Senate Bill 43; Washington — “Shayan’s Law” (House Bill 1210, Senate Bill 5203).

Ro’s Savant Bro

This guy is so cool.  So much like Ro.

Show your support for Autism!

If you are in the Boston area in March, please check out this great opportunity to give…


See, Mama ain’t no fool!

SWEET! I am the healthiest Mama alive!,2933,477434,00.html

Excuse our appearance!

We are tweaking the blog today!  It’s finally getting cuter (someone actually said that to me about Ronan when he was an infant).  Biyatch.

I know he was a Frank Perdue butterball baby, but still!  Who says that???!!


Is that not a butterball to love??!!

Boobs and War

There is waaaayyyy too much testosterone in my house.  I’m sorry for stereo-typing, but in this case…well, judge for yourself.
After a 24 hour torturous ban from the computer (for smacking at poor Mrs. C), Ro got his privileges back.  He celebrated!  This is the image that greeted me on the desktop when I finally got my turn.


Hmm, at least he has good taste!  And thankfully, the search filter was on, because God only knows what word he typed to look for images.  He’s gonna be a boob guy.
Anyway, she’s cute and all, but I’m into guys, so I changed my desktop back to the original setting…


Ahhh, Viggo shirtless, that’s better!
With his second turn, he left me with a much less appealing backdrop…


Umm, can you say HORRIFIC?!  This is not my Viggo! This is a still from a game that we used to have on the hard drive.  Needless to say, it was not my game.  After Ronan stumbled into it one day, I laid the smack down on Daddy, and he erased it from our system.  Ronan, being Ronan, of course doesn’t forget anything, and just looked it up on Google Search, where he saved this lovely still.
Thankfully, he doesn’t really know what he is looking at, because he’s never really seen anything other than Noggin on TV.  The game’s called Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and the words are what’s appealing to him.
With a title like that -Castles, Wolves – Ronan’s in!  Incredible that even with the filter on, a pic like this can still be accessed!  You have to seriously watch your kids while they play on the computer, man!
And I need a girl’s night out with all of these hormones flying around here!


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