Another Ronan of the Day

I always wear my hair up, because I have an awful habit of twirling and biting it when it’s clean and down.   It’s a sensory thing. 

Ro can’t stand it…

Ronan:  MOM!  Stop biting your hair!!!

Mama:  Why Ro?

Ronan:  Because it’s really bad for you, Mom!

This is the same child whom I thought might never even refer to me as “Mom”.  Ever.  I waited soooo long to hear even that, and when he actually started to call me Mom, I thought I would die of happy.

To hear him say something like this is so surreal.  It makes me cry.

Pithy, and true.

The Ronan of the Day

After inspecting the contents of our under-the-sink bathroom cabinets (which he has memorized)…

Ronan:  (panicked)  MOM!!!

Mama:  (equally panicked)  What Ro?????!!!!

Ronan:  Where are your Ultra Thin Maxi Pads????!!!!

Hmm.  Ro, I don’t think you really need to worry about those.