Is this not the most precious EVER???!!!

My big boy, or Bruce Willis II?

Back when the Willis had hair, you would swear he was the RoJay’s Baby Daddy! lol


How tasty and grown is he getting, though?  And I’m talking about Ronan…although, hmmmmm…Bruce is a hot Daddy, too.

The Puzzle Piece Debate

We have a great deal of people in our family that fall on the autism spectrum (including myself – he hee …I don’t know why that’s funny to me, it just is!).  Anyway, the puzzle piece debate has been thrown around, dissected and inspected so many times!

Some feel offended by the depiction of people with autism as “puzzling, or incomplete”.

Others take it to mean that the support or the understanding of neuro-typical folk toward others with autism is the puzzling aspect.

However you see it, the puzzle piece has become the most recognized symbol of autism support.
For us, we see it positively now, regardless of its original intent, because it brings awareness and support – things we like : )

Enough of that!

How cute is this baby art, right?!!

I took a print of Ronan’s Purple Storm painting, added a puzzle piece to him and affixed him to a baby canvas! He’s sealed with a non-toxic glossy coating.

He stands at 2 3/4″ by 3″ tall and comes with his own tiny easel!

Put him on your desk, computer table or anywhere to show your support!

20% of this sale donated to autism education.

Find it and buy it at:


Thanks for looking!