**REPOST** Just because I cannot believe how big my Ro is now.  Wah.

How delicious was the baby Ro?!!!!

Before he avoided eye contact

Ronan loved people and faces so much.  Look at him demanding that teddy’s attention! 

Crap, just noticed his Dad half naked in the background.  He’s not gonna love everyone seeing his Austin Powers chest hair.  Oh well.  

“That ain’t no woman! It’s a man, baby!”

wtf is wrong with me?  seriously.

He was not small

I am going through some old pics tonight, and I found this vintage Ro at 4 months. 

Hmm.   Reminds me of…

But Mama still held him all day anyway!  It takes a meaty Mama to tote that sack around all day with one arm – luckily for him, Mama’s not small either  :  )