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Just got it up, so I only have a few things in it, but will be adding more when I stop ralphing.




The boys have stopped ralphing, thank the Lord, so I was so relaxed last night.  After two weeks of worrying and seeing them suffer, they were playing together like normal.  It was fabulous!  We had to celebrate!  Pizza and wine for Mom and Dad on a Saturday night!  Yum!

The Loudon got tired early, and he wanted me to snuggle him in bed, so we got under the covers with smiles on our faces.  Ronan’s Dad tucked Ro in.  What a nice night!

About two hours later, I awoke to a sound.  It was a vaguely familiar sound, but I was half-asleep, so I was still confused.  The sound again – like a rumbling.  One of the kids? No. Thunder? No.  Neighbors?  No. 

OH!  I know! My vomit and diarrhea getting ready to explode simultaneously!  Yes!  NO!  YES.

It was a good thing that I had the puke bucket brigade (clean ones) still lying around, because I have no idea what I would have done.

And after four years, just like that, my Seinfeld no puking streak was broken. 

I can finally speak this morning without vomiting.  The kids have been great, entertaining themselves, because, of course, their Dad had to work today.  Not fun making breakfast for kids when you are about to blow chunks.

It really brought me back to the days when I last got sick, while I was pregnant with Lowie.  I would lay on the cold tile floor of my sister’s house while I was trying to cook for Ronan.  My niece would come home from school and just step over me to get a snack, “Feel any better today, Auntie?”  


The boys keep asking me today, “Feel any better yet, Mom?”