Every time I think I am going through a ridiculously rough period in life, I have to break out the big guns.  Tonight, my friends, I will be reading this for the umpteenth time…

Read it and weep only when you are having a REALLY bad night.  You’ll be reminded of what crappy life circumstances truly are.

And then, maybe you will slap yo’self in the face, like Mama do, for all your poor-me whining.

Boobs and War

There is waaaayyyy too much testosterone in my house.  I’m sorry for stereo-typing, but in this case…well, judge for yourself.
After a 24 hour torturous ban from the computer (for smacking at poor Mrs. C), Ro got his privileges back.  He celebrated!  This is the image that greeted me on the desktop when I finally got my turn.


Hmm, at least he has good taste!  And thankfully, the search filter was on, because God only knows what word he typed to look for images.  He’s gonna be a boob guy.
Anyway, she’s cute and all, but I’m into guys, so I changed my desktop back to the original setting…


Ahhh, Viggo shirtless, that’s better!
With his second turn, he left me with a much less appealing backdrop…


Umm, can you say HORRIFIC?!  This is not my Viggo! This is a still from a game that we used to have on the hard drive.  Needless to say, it was not my game.  After Ronan stumbled into it one day, I laid the smack down on Daddy, and he erased it from our system.  Ronan, being Ronan, of course doesn’t forget anything, and just looked it up on Google Search, where he saved this lovely still.
Thankfully, he doesn’t really know what he is looking at, because he’s never really seen anything other than Noggin on TV.  The game’s called Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and the words are what’s appealing to him.
With a title like that -Castles, Wolves – Ronan’s in!  Incredible that even with the filter on, a pic like this can still be accessed!  You have to seriously watch your kids while they play on the computer, man!
And I need a girl’s night out with all of these hormones flying around here!