The Loudon of the Day

We are snuggling in a patch of sun on Ronan’s bed together.  Lowie is resting his head on my stomach and gazing lovingly into my eyes…I am the luckiest Mama on earth!!

Lowie: (confused expression on face) Mom.  Why is your belly like a hill?

Mama: (at first confused, then resigned)  Hmm, a hill, Low?

Lowie:  Yup,  a hill…(lifting his head off of my hill to get a closer look at my face…disgust is his expression)  MOM!!!  WHAT is IN your nose????  Is that HAIR???!!!!

Oh, man, I feel so young and hot today!  Thanks Lowie.  lol

The Loudon of the Day

We are being silly.  I don’t know if it’s a full moon, or if it’s just this crappy Boston weather, but goofiness is at an all time extreme…

Loudon is spinning around and around, and I am telling him that he will fall if he doesn’t stop.

Loudon:  No, Mom.  I won’t fall!  I’m just being silly!  I’m careful!

Mama:  Low, you are going to fall…

Lowie:  I won’t!……………..

He does a half-spin, and then he takes a header directly into the mesh toy bin next to him.  I mean HUGE, big clumsy fall.  Limbs flying everywhere, confused expression on his face.

This is awful, but I will admit it anyway…Mama laughed so DANG HARD, and so long, and I couldn’t catch my breath!!!  I am serious!!  It was a half-hour long chuckle-fest that I couldn’t control!!  Awful Mama!

Lowie watched this for its entirety, and then he spoke…

Lowie:  Mom!

Mama:  (hysterically laughing)  Whhhaaaatttttttt?????  LOLOLOL

Lowie:  You are going to break your laugh box.

Hmm.  Me thinks we are watching too much SpongeBob!