He Don’t Look Like Anything’s “Wrong” With Him!

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This is an actual quote from a mother we ran into at a playground a few years ago. Ro grabbed her daughter’s sleeve to try to get her attention in order to ask her a question. The mom didn’t like this. I tried to explain autism and why he did what he did to her daughter, to which she replied with the above quote.

This always leaves me pondering…Does having a “normal” appearance affect our children negatively when it comes to understanding or acceptance of their behavior?

I often face this, because my child looks so “normal” and so, very often, others mistake his behavior as bratty, spoiled, fresh, etc., and I think it’s tough sometimes to not have an outward clue as to why my over-100-lb 9-year-old “beautiful” son is thrashing on the floor of Sports Authority after not being able to get yet another Beanie Baby. I can’t make him wear an autism awareness shirt 24/7, so what is the best way to deal with this besides saying I don’t care what others think (believe me, I don’t really care much now after almost 10 years of this) Curious as to what you all think though.