Ronan’s BLAH Rules! Guest-Blogging… RO!

This post is a request by Ro, and I quote, “Mom, can you write my BLAH rules on WordPress?”  LOL

Okay, Ro, here’s your rules (he’s helping me make them up and type them!)

1.     Ronan Can Say BLAH in his bedroom.

2.     When Ronan is done saying BLAH, he can come out into the living room.

3.     At school, Ronan needs to listen to the directions.  When he says BLAH too much, he might not hear Mrs. C. or Mrs. S give directions.

4.     Lowie is afraid of BLAH.  Ronan loves Lowie, and he doesn’t want him to be scared.

5.     When Ronan is saying BLAH too much, that means he can find something else to do.  He can ask Mom for help finding something to play, or he can find something all by himself!


Hope that helps, Ro! 

Now, he wants to type…


I can do giant anteater dance on the globe. 

I do light switches in home dont do it at school.

 thwacking is like a man in a roller coaster.

Mom does the phone when we talk in numbers on there.

I can fly on an airplane.

I can play clothes in closets.

I play computer when you go home or school.


Ronan said, “See!  I typed things that I am happy about!” 

And “thwacking”  = a helicopter! lol  He hates saying the word helicopter, because he got scared of one that flew too low at the Halloween parade.

And, um, Maybe Mama talks on the phone too much?!  LOL