Boston Rocks!

We went to the Public Gardens and The Common yesterday to visit Auntie Snackie and Scientist Carl…

Could it be any MORE gorgeous and fantastic this side of the Charles at Springtime?

Here’s Ro and Lowie enjoying a rest on a bench in the Gardens…


Don’t they look like they are on a soon-to-be imploding date??…

Lowie, who looks exactly like my trampy Puerto Rican father, is checking out some fine young chicks, and Ro, who’s his Dad’s serious clone, is SO OVER that shiz.

Anyshiz, they had a blast, and Mama did too!!!  Thanks Aunts and Uncs!!

I Love You, But Get Out Of My House

Ahhh, February vacation is upon everyone, and for us up here in the tundra that is the North East, by day two of the kids home, I am saying that!

Of course, Ronan feels differently…


“Oh, the things I will do to torture my Mom!  Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!  Hmm, I wonder how many times I can slam the lid to the washing machine down until she chases me! Oh, the power! Hahahahahaha!”

Here’s some ideas for those of you who are also pretty much stuck inside looking like Casper and slowly slumping into a major bout of Seasonal Affective Disorder.