Gratefully, We Have Terrific Services

We just got back from Ronan’s parent-teacher conference, and YAY!

The first thing his special ed teacher said to me was, “I have to tell you what he was doing at recess!  He was playing with a tennis ball with all of the kids today – back and forth throwing, chasing and talking.  It was fantastic.  I wish you could have seen him!”

I wish I could have seen him too!!!

So special to hear little things like this. I never thought I would get so excited by news that my five year old was playing ball with another child.

Basically, he is really improving in his ability to tolerate transitions and rules in school.  He is hardly screaming when he gets frustrated at all anymore in his integrated K class.

His academics we don’t have to worry about – he’s got that Einstein syndrome going for him  : )


So, really excited by that!!!  YAY!!!

Of course, he does still have his challenges.  He will still walk around the playground by himself at recess sometimes, and it’s hard for him to sit in Library – and the language is coming, slowly, but still improving all the time.

He is finally showing understanding of the concept of “why”.  This is so huge!  I am getting glimpses of his thoughts now that I wasn’t ever sure I would get to see! 

Autism is a journey I never expected.  But it’s changed me completely, and I am a much better person now. 

Thanks Ronan James!

And many thanks to the staff at his adorable school, too!