I Don’t Live in Darfur

My tic post got some Mamas to thinking, including myself.  What do you all use to keep going?  When you have had the WORST day, kids are miserable, relationships are in the can, financial situations are laughable, parents are…well, parents and everything is just going to pot…what motivates you to keep going?  How do you pick yourself up when you want to bitch slap everyone,  curl up into a ball and then just shut everything out?

My big sister, Snackie, has an unbelievable way of seeing the positive in EVERY situation, so  much so, that I want to bitch slap her sometimes.  She never gets defeated, and she always makes me see that I’m not ruined either – I want to double bitch slap her at first, then I know she’s right, and I love her for it.

My other big sis, The Tray, repeats this phrase every time someone complains about anything…”Did you know that every 2 minutes a woman is raped in America?  And I bet she was wishing she got your flat tire today instead of that stick up her butt!”  …excuse the graphic description, but that’s The Tray, and I love her for that, too…never have to guess with that one.

What I like to do is remember that there are people who live in third world countries that are suffering SO unimaginably – I am really lucky, no matter what is going on in my life, compared to them.  I don’t live in Darfur!!  Have you seen what’s going on there???  There are no parallels with Darfur to our children with challenges, divorces, bankruptcies or seasonal depressions!!  You die there!  First, you suffer immensely, watch your children suffer, have no home and watch your family die.  Then you die. 

So, as The Tray says, “Suck it up!”

Here’s my six year-old son’s wonderful way of looking at the situation when he is upset.  “I can think of my happy things, Mom!” 

Seriously, where is he from?  This is what he typed up, to remind him of what he can think of when he is sad or angry…


What makes Ronan happy?

Eating chips

My toys

Reading maps and reading books

I like to sit on chairs

Taking pictures

Jumping with the jump rope

Playing computer

Feeding fish

My books in library

Going to the rocket

Sitting on couches

Counting with Numbers

Drawing with crayons

Having a Story

Drinking water

I take a bath

Snuggling in bed


My Ro…the little things, and he is wiser than most.