Holy Mother Love, they have FINALLY passed ARICA in the MA senate!!!  Our state has become one of the 20+ that have passed Autism insurance reform bills, and I could NOT BE MORE ECSTATIC!

Hurry up and enforce it now, because Mama wants to make an appointment for Ro’s re-eval, and I haven’t been able to do it for a long time, due to the $3,000+ price tag!

I can’t even express how unbelievable it will be to not have to choose between OT, speech, ABA, evaluations needed for proper education, etc. etc. etc. etc…….

I know that it won’t be perfect, and I’m sure we will still be handing over the bills for something (copays, coinsurance, etc.) but at least it will be a recognized covered condition now!

SO happy for all of the children and families that will be helped by this.  NOW, let all other states/countries follow suit!

No child should be denied medical care because of creative tactics and sneaky wording of diagnoses.  Just shameful that they have been allowed to do this for so long, but so thankful that we are moving forward now 🙂

Yay Mass!  Mami loves!!!  XOXOXO

Six New Autism Insurance Reform Bills Introduced

Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mississippi, Utah and Washington have kicked off their 2009 legislative sessions with the introduction of autism insurance reform bills, joining New Jersey, Michigan and Virginia, which currently have active bills making their way through their respective state legislatures. All nine bills are supported and endorsed by Autism Speaks, and require private insurance companies to provide coverage of medically necessary, evidence-based autism therapies, such as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Each bill has been referred to a committee and is awaiting a hearing. For more information and to take action on these bills, click the following links: Kansas — “Kate’s Law (Senate Bill 12); Massachusetts — House Bill 0067_001; Missouri — Senate Bill 167; Mississippi — House Bill 720; Utah — “Clay’s Law” Senate Bill 43; Washington — “Shayan’s Law” (House Bill 1210, Senate Bill 5203).