No, this has absolutely nothing to do with autism – but I seriously need to be on A & E’s Intervention…for damn vampire addiction!!!!

I swore that I wouldn’t get into that whole Twilight phenomenon!  And there I am, eyes bugging out when Jacob takes his shirt off!   The boy is barely legal in real life!  That’s not right.

Now, here comes Alan Ball with True Blood for HBO.  Sigh…I loved Six Feet Under, and now I cry waiting for Sunday and my weekly fix of more frikken vampires!!!!

I hate TV!  I will admit to being addicted to the computer, but the TV held no grip over me, until this blood-sucking show was talked about too much on Facebook.  I blame Facebook!!!

Anyway…Bill is boring, but Eric is HOT!  That sums it up for Mama.

And Lafayette is so damn hysterical, I rewind his funny scenes about 10,000 times.

HA HA HA!!!!

And YUM.