Oh, yes, that’s the best way to teach the child!

What world do I freakin’ live in?  This baby is five years old.  They voted the child out of the class, “Survivor” style – to “teach him” that his behavior was alienating.  Umm, FIVE, people, he’s FIVE!
At the other end of the spectrum, my 5 year-old literally bloodied his teacher in a tantrum early this year.  He was not voted out of Kindergarten.  Instead, the principal discreetly approached me to say that Ro had a hard time that afternoon, and maybe I should walk down to his class to pick him up, instead of the usual wait to sign out procedure. 
When I got to his room, his teacher, bless her soul, had band-aids and scratches in various places –
“It’s okay, it happens sometimes!”  That was her response when she saw my horror-filled expression.
“He’s been so good all year!”
I was cursing myself, because I knew it had to do with the multivitamin I slipped in his hemp milk the night before.  Whenever I give him a multivite, he reacts like this, but he had just gotten over a virus where he wasn’t eating much, so I thought I would try to give the hypoallergenic multi a chance again.  Obviously, no go.  We worked with his GI doc, and we have decided to just stick to food sources for nutrition, no supplements.  He’s just too sensitive.
Anyway, we are lucky that we have found such great, understanding and nurturing educators. 
It breaks my heart to read about what this poor baby has had to go through, due to the ignorance of these fools. 
Someone needs to vote her off of job island. 
Mama will be the first to sign that petition.