Wicked Brilliant Letter to Denis Leary

October 15, 2008

“Real” Firefighter Writes to Denis Leary

FdnyManaging Editor’s Note:  The author of this letter is a real firefighter. Timothy Dwyer spent sixteen years with FDNY before leaving his career to become full time caregiver for his son who has autism.

October 15, 2008

Denis Leary
The Leary Firefighter Foundation
594 Broadway, Suite 409
New York, NY 10012


Since you make your living off the backs of Firefighters, many of whom like myself have a child with autism which you have now chosen to make fun of, how about you be a man and come to Long Island and see my son’s school.  Observe first hand my fat, lazy, stupid child suffering from autism.   I bet you wouldn’t last 10 seconds with my son or on the fire floor.   You wish you could walk in my shoes.  I am a founding parent of the ELIJA School for children with autism spectrum disorders in Levittown, NY and a 20 year NYPD/FDNY veteran.

There are many firefighters struggling with autism and all your foundation does is buy tools for the city, just more shit for them to carry. You do nothing for Firefighter’s real problems.  So come on out, get your head out your ass and pry open that fat wallet of yours that was filled thanks to the real characters of the FDNY. 

We are a struggling school and your “humor” doesn’t help our cause.  The only people who can make fun of autism are those whose lives are consumed by it.  Between autism and fires, you got nothing.  Last year we made $25K on our Guns and Hoses Comedy Event.  This year we need to make $50K to survive.  See what you can do brother.

Timothy P. Dwyer
Retired FDNY

P.S. Enclosed please find the DVD of Rescue Me, the complete first season. It was going to be part of a fundraising basket, but is now useless to us.  Consider it a donation to your foundation.  Go buy some more toys for the city.  They lose more money in a day that what it costs us to run our school for a year.  Thanks man.

You go, Papi.