Shameless Hallmark Moment

We went to a Patriot’s Day celebration today, complete with a fantastic parade, delicious food vendors, balloons – the whole works. 

The boys were having a blast, and then we saw this HUGE flag…must take picture.

Of course, Mama forgets her camera, so we only have the phone to snap a memory.  Not the best quality.


Well, of course the first thing I do is lament the fact that the boys aren’t looking at the camera.  Then, I have to self-deprecate, because it’s just fun. 

Mama looks bald.  Mama looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll.  Can I ever not look like I am going to a funeral? 

Then…I see my hands.  They are resting over both of my boys’ hearts. 

For some reason, this really touches me.  They are so small and vulnerable now, but I am always going to be there. 

With my hands over their hearts.

Even if Mama really do look like a damn Cabbage Patch Doll.