Where Was This When Mama And Ro Did The Diet?

We started Ro on the GFCFSFCornFSugar(FArt)ificialFEverythingF diet soon after we got his diagnosis when he was 16 months.  Since I was still nursing him, I went on the diet too.

It was pretty easy for him, because he only drank “ditty” milk and ate about 5 other things, all of which were easily replaceable with substitutes.

I blogged about our biomed journey a long time ago, and now I am too lazy to find the link… lol

Anyway, it was me that had the hard time on the diet.  I LOVE food, and dairy is one of my faves (although, it does not love me).  Giving up real milk, ice cream, cheese….SO hard for me.  We ended up finding light coconut milk in the can.  It wasn’t the best, but it was really creamy, so it turned into my new staple (it was amazing in the ice cream maker).

I didn’t always want the coconut taste, though, and it wasn’t fortified with any calcium or vitamin D, etc.

But look what they make now!  Mama likes!  I tried the unsweetened, and it was yum.

Click on the link below if you are doing the diet, or if you just get massive amounts of pain from regular dairy, like Mama do….