The Bio-Med Trials

I am a lover of research.  All of my siblings and I, we love it.  I think it’s kind of like a form of skin picking for the brain to us!  lol

We get a topic, and then we beat it to the ground examining it until we gain ridiculously freakish amounts of usually worthless facts about it that nobody cares about – except for us anyway. 

We do this with everything – current topics and trends, history that catches our fancy, people we get obsessed with, and of course, games. 

I remember one summer, my older sister, Snackie (yes, that’s what I call her, and she calls me that too!), was completely obsessed with a computer game called Magic Inlay.

Have breakfast, Magic Inlay. Go to the toilet, Magic Inlay.  Get a glass of water, Magic Inlay.  Entire family downstairs eating lunch – Snackie, Magic Inlay.  Going to bed – NO! Magic Inlay!!

We were so aggravated -“Are you ever going to stop playing that stupid game?”  And she said, “Snackie.  Am I the Ultimate Magic Inlay Champion yet?  No.  I’ll stop when I am!”  I think it took her about 24 more hours of continuous play, but she did finally become the Ultimate Magic Inlay Champion, and then she stopped and moved on to Word Whomp, or something like that.

Anyway, this is how I approached bio-med for Autism.  Research, diet. Research, yeast connection. Research, mercury poisoning.  Research, MMR.  Research, supplements. Research, chelation.  Research, vitamin D connection, cholesterol, MTHFR mutation, and on and on.

We started with the gluten/casein free diet. This then moved swiftly to the gluten, casein, soy, yeast free diet.  Corn and rice – out. All sugar – out.  Goodbye grains altogether.  We were down to a modified version of the SCD diet, because we had to cut nuts out too.  Eggs were still in, which was good, because I started making these fried meat/egg/pureed veggie pancake-like patties that Ronan called “pizza”.  It was (sing this with me now) “pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime.  When Ronan eats the pizza, Mama make pizza every-time!”

pizzas.jpg <——- (I’ll ralph right now at the sight!)

Mama was making the pizza.  And Mama had to eat the restricted diet too, because Mama was still nursing Ronan – and Ronan was extremely passionate about his “boobies”.  My dreams were filled with dancing cream puffs, toast, bagels with real cream cheese and my old favorite – ice cream.  It was all I talked about.  All I thought about, and all I wanted – well, second to Ronan getting well, of course, but hot-damn, Mama wanted some cream!

Ronan was a champ, and even though he was extremely picky, I did manage to find things that he could have that were nutritious and safe.  I think he really benefitted from his special diets too.  We still avoid sugar as much as possible, and he is sensitive to dairy, so we try to keep away from that too – tough on the budget with his hemp milk at 4.00 a quart! 

New suggestions and studies and findings to do with Autism break every day, so I don’t think I’ll run out of topics to obsess over any time soon.

In the end, becoming the Ultimate Bio-Med Champion will be worth all of the angst.