Cases of autism are rising. Why do you think that is?

Some of it is probably due to the way autism is diagnosed. I saw people on the HBO lot that probably have Asperger’s but never got a diagnosis as a child. There has been an increase in regressive autism, children who develop normally, have speech, and then lose it. I think there’s something going on with some type of environmental contaminant. Some insult is getting to the child whose genes are susceptible to autism. I think we are going to be hearing more about epigenetics and autism. With epigenetics you look at how the genome responds to the environment. How things like toxins and diet and other things turn on the switches that regulate how certain genes are expressed.

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  1. kr
    May 13, 2010 @ 02:08:30

    did you see the hbo doc’ “a mothers love” ?? i watch everything i can about autism since i am so dedicated to it (clearly not as you are but i will hopefully reach your level someday!!) and its one of the BEST docs ive ever seen. i was mesmerized for 2hrs. pretty much like i am whenever with your oldest 😉


  2. ronanjames
    May 13, 2010 @ 16:44:39

    I just watched the trailer and balled my eyes out!!! Hey!!! It’s too early in the day for that!!! 😉 I have to find out when it’s on now and watch it asap.

    I am always thinking that I would love to do a documentary on autism, but this always brings up the question of “Would Ronan want that?” I have been paring down my posts of late, because it’s very hard to navigate the line between being involved and outspoken about the issue, while trying not to cross the line in protecting his privacy…

    I think Ro will make his own documentary/ies someday, and then he’ll probably be the next Stephen Spielberg, so I’ll leave it to him! lol

    Funny enough, though, my nephew just did a short docu on autism for his senior thesis, starring Ro! When I get to see it, I’ll post it (if it doesn’t cross the privacy line too much!) lol


  3. kr
    May 13, 2010 @ 21:13:09

    ohh i would love to see it so ill hope it doesnt get too personal! i i think ronan could make his own doc eventually…but i also think he could save the world too, if he wanted. i love your posts, they are always very real (and funny) which is exactly how i think of you & your sons! but yes, the mothers love doc is intense, i cried too the first time i watched it but its good, it shows alot of the sides of autism, especially the hope. ❤


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