Shameless Hallmark Moment

We went to a Patriot’s Day celebration today, complete with a fantastic parade, delicious food vendors, balloons – the whole works. 

The boys were having a blast, and then we saw this HUGE flag…must take picture.

Of course, Mama forgets her camera, so we only have the phone to snap a memory.  Not the best quality.


Well, of course the first thing I do is lament the fact that the boys aren’t looking at the camera.  Then, I have to self-deprecate, because it’s just fun. 

Mama looks bald.  Mama looks like a Cabbage Patch Doll.  Can I ever not look like I am going to a funeral? 

Then…I see my hands.  They are resting over both of my boys’ hearts. 

For some reason, this really touches me.  They are so small and vulnerable now, but I am always going to be there. 

With my hands over their hearts.

Even if Mama really do look like a damn Cabbage Patch Doll.

Boston Rocks!

We went to the Public Gardens and The Common yesterday to visit Auntie Snackie and Scientist Carl…

Could it be any MORE gorgeous and fantastic this side of the Charles at Springtime?

Here’s Ro and Lowie enjoying a rest on a bench in the Gardens…


Don’t they look like they are on a soon-to-be imploding date??…

Lowie, who looks exactly like my trampy Puerto Rican father, is checking out some fine young chicks, and Ro, who’s his Dad’s serious clone, is SO OVER that shiz.

Anyshiz, they had a blast, and Mama did too!!!  Thanks Aunts and Uncs!!