Is He For Real?


When I was in Kindergarten, I ate the paste (well, Ro does that too, but that’s another post).  I certainly didn’t know how to do any pirahna addition and subtraction. 

How’s Mama going to help this kid with homework in 4th grade?

Wait…he won’t need help!  That’s right!  Sweet!

The Loudon of the Day

We are watching SpongeBob, and it’s an episode where the usual is happening – someone is hitting someone with something.

Loudon is laughing hysterically, and then he bonks Mama on the nose, Patrick Star style.

Hmm.  Mama doesn’t like this.

Mama:  Lowie!  SpongeBob is a cartoon.  It’s pretend.  We are real people, and we don’t hit each other! 

Lowie:  (thinking…)  Mom, I want to be SpongeBob…so I can HIT SOMEBODY!!!!!

This diablito is going to give Mama a run for her money…