Autism: Fancy Word for Stupid.

Huh?  A Wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-WHAAATTT????!!!

Granted, this was one of the definitions for autism from (not really esteemed in the world of published text definition, but it usually cracks me up), yet some people in our society still walk around holding this belief.

I wax aut and wax off about this daily.  Not about whether persons with autism are stupid or not, because of course, I think they are beautifully unique and brilliant, but just on whether I need to school ignorant people about Ro’s (and others with ASD) intelligence. 

I used to rage like a Mama bear whenever I encountered a comment or a person that was really misinformed about the autism spectrum.  I would pull out all of the facts, give a detailed background on Ro complete with his IQ, and sometimes (regretfully) I’d even chimp him out and make him perform some of his savant skills.   And then I would bitch-slap them – no, not really, but sometimes I would fantasize about this…………………………….

he hee he hee hee………………………………………………

Oh, there I go again, sorry.

Anyway, I think I take it on a case by case basis now.  If I feel it’s important enough, maybe if the person can understand and see a little of how they were misinformed, then I might pass on correction.  Mostly, I just enjoy drawing in the air with my fingers right alongside Ro – that’s a stim that doesn’t hurt anyone, who cares if he likes to do this when he’s just relaxing and not having to pay attention.  It’s actually fun!

I still strive every day to get to the point where I am the most accepting of Ro’s autism as I can be, while still teaching him the skills that he needs to find happiness and independance when he is grown.

It’s a tough balance.

So, what do you autism Mamas do when you meet ignorance with ASD?  Do you bitch-slap them down, or do you just say, “Who cares what they think!”  ????


p.s.  I’d like to meet someone who actually did bitch-slap some ignorant down.   Write me, and send pics of this if you have any.  Thanks.

Mama Nature vs. Mama Gillis!

We are coming out of our back porch, trying to get to the car over a huge snow and ice wall.

I am holding the back of Ro’s jacket in one hand and the back of Lowie’s in the other.   We are being so careful…step…step…pause…step…

SWOOP!!!!  There go both of the boys feet out from under them simultaneously!!  I have such a death-grip on them, and I swing them up into the air so fast, so that they won’t hit the ground – well gravity doesn’t like this for Mama – and my ass slams down onto the ice shelf so violently that I could swear I heard my tailbone scream. 

Surprising, seeing all of the canned ham protective padding I have down there…

Anyway, lightning bolts of pain are shooting throughout my butt and surrounding area, and both of my kids are shaken up, but fine, so all I can think about is, “HA!!  Mama Nature!!  You weak ass bitch!  Don’t mess with Mama Gillis!  I will WIN!!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Score one for Mama Gillis!

Mama Nature – ZERO


Of course, you know Mama Nature is gonna send me a one two punch of a storm on Saturday night for this!!