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100 Years Old

A few weeks back, the boys were really enjoying singing Happy Birthday to anyone and everyone imaginable.  I think they mostly liked blowing out candles, and maybe the thought of a possible piece of cake, but for whatever reason, they were loving the whole ritual.

Every day, it has become our habit to question who’s birthday it is today?  On November 21, it was Uncle Shawn’s birthday.  Uncle Shawn is Ro and Lowie’s father’s brother who died when he was 16.  There is a huge portrait of him at their Nana’s house that they are fascinated with, and they often hear stories of him from various family members of their clan.

It was time to sing Happy Birthday to Uncle Shawn!  But where is Uncle Shawn?  Hmm.  How do you explain this to 6 and 4 year old children???

“Well, Uncle Shawn is in the stars.  He’s in Heaven.”

“Can we look at the sky and sing Happy Birthday to him?”

“Sure.  Let’s go!”

We have now added a post bath-time greeting to Uncle Shawn in the stars as part of our nightly routine.  The boys go out onto the porch and wish him a good night in the heavens.

It’s precious, and now Ro is adamant that he wants to be an astronaut when he grows up, because he needs to join Uncle Shawn in the stars.

All of this is going to go down when Ro is 100 years old (per Ro).  That’s how old you have to be to blast off into space – I’m surprised you didn’t know that.

And here is his get-up for exploring the universe.  You should also know that Mom’s nude-colored spaghetti strap tank top, old navy tighty whities, a Black and Decker hard hat and snow boots make the best uniform for blasting into unknown galaxies.