A SLice of autism

Our apartment is covered with paper. Blank sheets, 8 1/2 X 11 drawings in various media, recycled bits and fragments tossed here and there – it’s like a mill!

Ronan must draw roughly 200 pieces a day, and I have a hard time narrowing down what we will post for prints, etc.

This particular drawing stood out. It’s a mismash of things Ronan encounters every day, along with imaginary words and made up characters. Rest assured though, all have a back story and meaning – you just have to ask him! : )

I imagine if you took a slicing, or image, of a CAT scan of Ronan’s brain, it would look somewhat like this- except maybe in color! : )

This would look great in a black and white themed room.

Very graffiti art!

We are offering it as a 5X7 print, but if you matted and framed it, wouldn’t it would look fantastic as an 8×10 piece of art!

Find it and buy it now at:


10% of this sale donated to autism education.

Thanks for your support!


So, we found out about TOPSoccer, and Ronan is liking it so far!  It’s a program for players with special needs.  They have high school volunteers that give 1:1 coaching to the kids.  Look at Ro playing with an oversized ball!

Not that he needs it.  When he was a baby, he used to maneuver a single Cheerio around the house with his big toe.

He can bend it like a bitch!

The Loudon of the Day

And it is a quote –

“Mom, you got your vagina?”

Yeah, Lowie, I have a vagina.

“You don’t have your penis anymore?”

Umm, I know I can be pretty butchy sometimes, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve always had the vagina, Lowie.

Get tickets to his Broadway debut in about 14.5 years.