The Loudon of the Day

You come near my eggs, and like I’ve said before, I will CUT YOU!

Okay, I’ve made up for the verklempt post now.  Thanks Lowie.  Ahhh.

The Joyful Side

It’s taken about 6 years of HARD work, mostly on his part, but also his therapists’, and our parts, too.  Today, Ronan asked me 3 “w” questions. “Where”, “when” and “what”! 

Do parents with neuro-typical kids stop and cry with joy when their almost 6 year-old does this? 

There are so many ways that Autism has changed me as a parent and as a human being.  It’s like a new part of me was born when I gave birth to Ronan, a much nicer part too!

Sorry, I’m getting all verklempt and sappy lately.  I’m getting my period.  I’ll post something later with a lot of cuss words in it and stuff.  That will balance it out.