How pretty is Mr. Green!

MR. GREEN - by Ronan James (5 year-old artist) - 8X10 digital print - Support for Autism

Music, my first language

 When he was a baby, singing and music were the language that he understood. It soothed him when he cried, and he babbled beats to songs and sounds of instruments as his first words.
When all of the other toddlers were learning functional language, Ronan, although still pretty much non-verbal, was already fluent in music.
This is a painting he did that represents this…
In his own words, “This is my music.  Music gives me feelings.”
I always describe Ronan as someone who is aquiring language like a foreigner learning English.
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From Sacks pg. 156: 
Wittegentstein remarks: “Augustine describes the learning of human language as if the child came into a strange country and did not understand the language of the country; that is, as if it already had a language, only not this one. Or again: as if the child could already think, only not yet speak. And ‘think’ would here mean something like ‘talk to itself”. 

camp out!


We took out the Playhut from the closet today.

Judging by the look on Ronan’s face (and Loudon’s sleepy one!) – yeah, camp out was a big hit.