Never and Nufin’

The Loudon has two favorite phrases this week. 


And “NUFIN'”

He is taking his opposition of everything to a new level, and at three years old has found the ultimate protest words for his feelings.

“Loudon, do you want to go with me to get Ronan from school?”

“NEVER!  Never can I go to school!”

“Never?  But what about Miss June (Ronan’s former teacher)?  You love to see Miss June.”

“Miss June nufin’!”

“Nothing?  Oh, I’ll bet you’ll give her a big hug when you see her!”

“Never!  Nufin'”

Ahh, The Loudon.  He totally gave her a huge hug too.  Flirt.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fashion Sensei
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 23:45:04

    I get that too. Never, Ever, EVER! 😀

    I think I am going to start saying that when it’s time to cook dinner, do laundry or get up in the middle of the night because someone has lost the toy that they were holding onto at the start of the night. No, I’m not getting out of my bed! Never, Ever, EVER!!! ;D


  2. ronanjames
    Mar 18, 2008 @ 22:43:21

    LOL!! You are too funny!!


  3. Fashion Sensei
    Mar 19, 2008 @ 00:40:49

    Yeah and I am just getting back from two health food stores searching for GF/CF jelly beans because the teacher sent a note home today that they will be using jelly beans for a school project tomorrow. Arrr Nothing like giving me a heads up. Let’s just say it wasn’t easy and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the organic ones I found will not drive me, I mean, him crazy tomorrow. 😀


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