The Brady Shirt


I Loves it.


I Loves Myself Too.

The Purple Storm Pendant – Featuring Original Art by Ronan James


This is so sweet! I shrunk down a print of Ronan’s Purple Storm painting, and then I affixed it to a piece of soft balsa wood that I painted and distressed to look like an old antique window pane!
Measurements are 1 1/4″ by 1″.

It’s been sealed with a water-resistant (not water-proof) glossy coating, but it is still super light. The back has his signature along with a declaration of your 20% contribution to support Autism!

It comes with a large sterling jump ring on an invisible necklace. The clasp is sterling plated.

Mini Art by my Mini Artist!!!!

A great, unique way to show your support!!

Find it and buy it at…

I Love You, But Get Out Of My House

Ahhh, February vacation is upon everyone, and for us up here in the tundra that is the North East, by day two of the kids home, I am saying that!

Of course, Ronan feels differently…


“Oh, the things I will do to torture my Mom!  Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!  Hmm, I wonder how many times I can slam the lid to the washing machine down until she chases me! Oh, the power! Hahahahahaha!”

Here’s some ideas for those of you who are also pretty much stuck inside looking like Casper and slowly slumping into a major bout of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The Loudon Of The Day


I Gots My Buzz Cut On Babies!

Still, I’ll muff you up!  Bad.