Music, My First Language

This painting made me cry!


Ronan had his brushes and his colors all laid out, and he just started painting with ALL of them.
Usually, he gets a little pallet going with a few colors that he’ll work with.

This time, he used everything.
At first, I though it was going to be a complete abstract (eventually, he painted the radio in the middle!), so I asked him what he was painting, and he said, “My music! And my feelings. Music gives me feelings.”
This is so true for him.
When he was a baby, singing and music were the language that he understood. It soothed him when he cried, and he babbled beats to songs and sounds of instruments as his first words.
When all of the other toddlers were learning functional language, Ronan, although still pretty much non-verbal, was already fluent in music.

This is an abstract original (9X12) in acrylic on canvas. It’s been sealed with a glossy acrylic coating to bring out the colors and keep it protected from debris/aging.

It comes unframed, but I am going to post a pic of it in a nice black frame to show how good it would look!

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20% of this sale donated to ARI – Autism Research Institute.

My Music Man doing his thang…