More Ronan James Art!


Original Photo “Same Shoes”

It’s like a game for him. He has to capture exactly the frame that he dictates to himself. If it’s not right, he erases it until it is! Sometimes this is not so fun to listen to…”ding” delete, complain…”ding” delete, complain…”ding” delete, complain…I CAN’T GET IT!!!!!!
This has even led to him throwing the camera down, which is why he has 3 now : )

The shot was taken in his closet, where all the old shoes that he’s outgrown are kept. They are all the same pair in graduating sizes, because he refused to wear any other type without a giant tantrum.

The shoe battle waged on until just this past month, when he finally agreed to wear a pair of black dress shoes for his Christmas play! Wonder what brought along that change of heart…maybe a certain little girl whose name I won’t mention ; )

Original Photo “Tired Guitar”

Rarely does Ronan accept a shot that is out of focus. He will delete it numerous times until he gets the desired effect. This is an intended exception.
He calls it a “tired guitar”!
It’s been texturized to achieve a painted look.


“I am zee best 5 year old artist, IN ZEE WORLD!”

(Man, I really wish I had a pic of Ronan pounding his chest right now)…



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